In-person classes

Experience baking in CDMX! ūüá≤ūüáĹ

Planning a visit to Mexico City? I am now hosting again a limited number of in-person classes following all health guidelines! We can bake at my house workshop/kitchen or even at your short term rental. Please send me an email to or a private message on Instagram by clicking here specifying the number of guests, what would you like to bake and tentative dates, I will get back to you ASAP.


Here are some of my favorite Mexican pastries and breads to bake in my in-person classes


Conchas, the most popular Mexican sweet bread


Pan de Muerto, our traditional bread for Day of the Dead celebrations


Elotes (Pan de Canela), traditional bread from rural Mexico


Rosca de Reyes, Mexican celebration bread for Epiphany Day


Tres Leches cake, a delicious & moist cake from Latin America


Mexican cookies: Marranitos de Piloncillo + Polvorones Tricolor


Three Mexican breads from my Conchas dough: Pollos, Roles de Canela, Rebanadas